Beyond the Atmosphere: Equipping Students for the Future of Australia’s Space Industry

The space industry is booming, and Australia is no exception. With private companies like Gilmour Space Technologies and the Australian Space Agency leading the charge, the future looks bright for space exploration and innovation down under.

As an educator, you have a unique opportunity to prepare your students for the exciting future of the space industry in Australia. With the growing interest in space exploration and the increasing number of private companies investing in space, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the space industry will play a significant role in the future of our economy and society.

How can you help prepare your students for this future?

One key way is to incorporate space-related topics into your curriculum. This includes teaching about the history of space exploration, the science behind space travel, or the challenges of living and working in space. Encourage your students to explore their own interests in space, whether that be through reading books, watching documentaries, organising excursions or participating in space-related extracurricular activities.

Another way to prepare your students is to teach them about the various careers available in the field. While many people may think of astronauts when they think of space, there are actually a wide range of careers available, from engineers and scientists to designers and business professionals. By exposing your students to these different career paths, you can help them identify their own interests and talents and start preparing for a future in the space industry. Get in touch if you would like for your school to be connected to Space industry professionals from WA.

As the space industry continues to evolve, there will be many new challenges and opportunities, and it will be up to the next generation of leaders to shape the future of space. By fostering a sense of curiosity and imagination in your students, you can help prepare them to take on these challenges and make a positive impact on the world.


The future of the space industry in Australia is bright, and as an educator, you have a key role to play in preparing the next generation for this exciting future. You can help ensure that they are well-equipped to succeed in the space industry and beyond.

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